We work alongside facilities managers, estate managers, property managers, landlords, pub's, restaurants, fast food outlets and schools, who appreciate our fast, efficient, effective and flexible approach.

 Whether you own a restaurant or run a multi-site business we can tailor our service to your needs. We can do after hours’ surveys and treatments too.

We use the most up-to-date pest control technology available and the latest techniques to keep your premises pest free. We use Non-toxic pest control methodology wherever possible. 

Hygiene- It is important to have a structured and diligent cleaning schedule in place to deny pests access to food or liquids.

Proofing- Pests can be very small so effectively proofing buildings against all pest entry is almost impossible. However, many other proofing measures exist and much can be done to reduce access.

Housekeeping- Pests will utilise many available locations and materials for their development and survival. Items such as discarded paper may become suitable nesting material; redundant mop heads incorrectly stored can provide the perfect environment for crawling insect development; cluttered environments may assist with rodent migration and can prevent a thorough survey being  carried out for evidence of pest activity.

Habitat environmental management- Denying pests one or more of their factors for survival is aimed at making the habitat become less attractive to the pest and thus less likely for them to sustain an infestation and discouraging new ones from developing.

Stock rotation/management- Using the behaviour aspect of rats' fear of new objects; routine rotation of stored items within an environment will elevate this phobia. Rotation of stored items will further allow areas to be inspected for signs of pest activity.

Chenical control- The use of chemicals is often necessary to control pests but, in an Intergrated Pest Management system, it should be used as a last resort after the other, non-chemical methods have been considered.

Education- In commercial premises, time spent in educating staff in pest recognition and the importance of good hygiene practices will go a long way to improving any pest management system.

The adoption of an Intergrated Pest Management approach to pest control should be the aim in dealing with all types of pest problems. this should lead to a reduction in the use of pesticides, which is not only good for the environment, but can also delay the onset of resistance to pesticides by pests.

All pest control activity is recorded in site surveys, treatment reports and health and safety and COSHH assessments. We provide you with instant written reports with our recommendations and advice on how to reduce the risk of infestation. Contract customers are entitled to free call-outs for problems occurring between regular inspections.

We also deal with cable bug which is a phenomenon that occurs in the built environment in large offices, computer room and call centre's etc. The occupants of such buildings receive insect like bites on exposed skin. This is caused by high levels of static electricity as the people themselves often become electrostatically charged and attract nylon carpet fibres which come into contact with their skin and cause an allergic reaction.   

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